Heading 3

The author did a brilliant job of creating

a new but entirely authentic cast of characters and she

developed a minor character with imagination and insight.

This sequel has the Austen romance and intrigue we all long for.

I am a great fan of all things Austen. And Tolkien, Stolz, Heyer, Gaskill, Kondo, and many more. After years of writing and publishing nonfiction articles and essays, I decided to try my hand at fiction and followed the adage to “write the book you want to read.” I am inspired by nature, the land, and unique characters — two-footed and four-footed. I am a lifelong horsewoman, mother of three, grandmother of eight, and share my home with a boss cat and two dogs (who give way to said cat). We all live in a

little house on the prairie. Really. 

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