Heading 3

This is a thoughtful and compelling story of burgeoning romance between people who are past the first flush of youth. It will appeal

to readers of literary romance, those who enjoy books about horses

and countryside pursuits, and lovers of the elegant and courtly

in Jane Austen's novels.

I liked the honesty of this book. And the breathlessness of some of

the romantic moments was infectious.

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I am a great fan of all things Austen. And Tolkien, Stolz, Heyer, Gaskill, Kondo, and many more. After years of writing and publishing nonfiction articles and essays, I decided to try my hand at fiction and followed the adage to “write the book you want to read.” I am inspired by nature, the land, and unique characters — two-footed and four-footed. I am a lifelong horsewoman, mother of three, grandmother of eight, and share my home with a boss cat and two dogs (who give way to said cat). We all live in a

little house on the prairie. Really.