I haven't always been a writer. Long term careers have included social work specializing in children and families, being a partner in a tree service, graphic design at printers, weekly newspapers, and publishing my own mini magazine The Prairie Quilter. I also taught horseback riding, spent a summer as a camp counselor, worked as a dog groomer, designed landscapes, had a short stint as a waitress (I was terrible!), was a substitute teacher, respite care provider, and worked in a law office. People and animals are endlessly fascinating and always inspiring. I have lived in South Dakota, Minnesota, one summer in Wisconsin and one in Connecticut, and spent several years in northern California in the Bay Area. This photo of me was taken by my daughter at Richardson Grove Redwoods, one of the truly magical places on earth.   


I discovered Jane Austen later in life with the 1995 P&P. I was besotted and wanted more.

I read everything, then discovered fan fiction. Kitty called out to have her story told —

Her Summer at Pemberley is now available everywhere books are sold. It's my second written but first released novel. The first, a contemporary story, Love & Stones, is now available too.

Happiest in nature and in the company of animals and children, I have one foot firmly planted in Regency England and the other in Middle Earth (with a few toes at Hogwarts). I re-read and re-watch the books and films endlessly.


My whole adult life I've had horses, dogs, and cats. I am also owner and editor of Quinn Editing Services. When not writing or editing, you can find me walking the dogs, knitting, sewing, gardening, sketching, tending my many plants, and watching the wild birds I feed. Anything to avoid doing the dishes ... Visiting and spending time with my kids and grandkids are highlights of my life. I identify strongly with my Celtic roots, and believe we are all here to make a difference. I am pleased that 'seasoned' heroines have become 'a thing,' and believe it's never too late to become the hero or heroine of your own story.