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Copyright Notice, Terms, & Privacy Notice


All content and materials on this site (including but not limited to: text, logos, book covers, descriptions, promotional materials) other than licensed images are covered by copyright held by me and protected by intellectual property laws. Permission for copy and use can be found on my Media Kit page. All thoughts, words, stories and poems I share are copyrighted to me or to the authors who wrote them and are shared by permission and written agreement only. All images/artwork are taken or created by or belong to Sallianne Hines unless marked otherwise and may not be used without written permission.

For the blog, fair use is considered quoting or reflagging up to three paragraphs from one blog post and ONLY IF accreditation and a link back to the full post are included. Anything more requires explicit written permission and without such, any use beyond fair use is considered plagiarism and copyright infringement and I do search out and use tools to track down violators.


I, Sallianne Hines, operate this site and this Privacy Policy applies to the entire website, contact forms, email newsletters, and social media accounts. Any information collected from you will done by lawful and fair means and will have a specific and explained purpose. I take your privacy seriously and will use your personal information ONLY to improve your experience visiting or interacting here and will use it only in the way you request. I will never sell or trade your information. Any information shared with third parties is done only for administering this site. You always have the right to block, access, update, or delete your information.


It is my responsibility to protect your privacy as you browse this website. If you have any questions about the use of my site that are not answered here, please contact me at my email address or through my contact form. Most of my site's features don't require you to share any personal information to browse. You WILL need to share information in order to leave a comment or fill out a form, to subscribe to the newsletter, to order a product or service, to become a Launch Team member, or to request a review copy. Leaving a comment WILL NOT automatically subscribe you to my newsletter or marketing information. You must do that specifically in the SUBSCRIBE feature/form.


Any information you enter into the SUBSCRIBE form will go directly to my email list for mailing you updates and news about events and gifts (such as excerpts, stories, free printables, or other giveaways). Unsubscribe links and other details will appear at the bottom of every email. If you have questions please contact me by email or through my contact form. Your email address will never be shared, sold or published by me. Thank you for joining this community!


If you follow me on any of my social media networks - thank you! I will post information I deem of interest to my readers. Each social media site is unique. Please understand each is a platform you have chosen to subscribe to. You will need to consult those entities for information on how they track your use or collect your information. What they do is not within my control.


This website utilizes digital cookies that contain details about you and your internet use. Most websites use cookies. Cookies don't identify you as an individual but they help me improve my website and deliver a more personalized experience. You do have some control over cookies. You can choose whether your web browser will allow cookies. You may be able to find which cookies are stored on your computer and delete them. 


- on this website

Certain plug-ins and services are utilized that track visitors to this site and are used only to learn how many visitors I have on which dates, which parts of the site are visited most often and at what time, and where they come from. This helps me know which readers are reading which items so I can improve my site content. It helps me know which posts are most popular, which ones generate the most interaction, and what regions/countries I reach. If you have suggestions to improve the content of this site, please email me or use my contact form.

 - contact form

Your name, email address, and message go directly to my email address and are used only to respond to your question or request. Your information from this contact form will NOT be added to my mailing list without your express consent (via SUBSCRIBE).

- email newsletter

An email newsletter will be sent to those who choose to SUBSCRIBE. This program also tracks how my email reaches you and if you are able to open it, what time you open it, which part of the website you visit, and where you are visiting from (country/region). This enables me to better serve you. 

- social media accounts

The same type of information as described above is received from my social media accounts. These analytics help me understand what type of content you prefer and what time of day you prefer to receive it. 



None of the above information will be seen by anyone except me, and by the third party services I use for analytics and tracking. Your information will only be used to improve your experience on this site or to communicate with you as you have requested. It will not be shared, sold, or published.

As part of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25, 2018, as a resident of the EU you have the right to request all data this site has collected on you and to request that such data be deleted. Even if you are not an EU resident, you are welcome to make these requests by email or through my contact form.


By using this website you agree to abide by and submit to this Copyright Notice, Privacy Policy, and the Terms & Conditions.

If you do not agree with these, you should not use this website. 

My website is appropriate for all ages, but not everyone agrees on what is appropriate so parents must take responsibility for screening things for their children and practice due diligence. Please do this before every visit. Hackers can take over a website quickly; naturally I will do all I can to prevent that, but please exercise caution, especially for children. This also includes any links to external sites. These sites can change at any time and are not under my control.


This site reserves the right to make changes to the above policies in order to meet legal compliance or add new features. Each time you use this site, you are agreeing to the stated terms and conditions.


Although I hope you enjoy the content, services, products, and advice/comments on this site, no guarantee of satisfaction is made. I reserve the right to ban certain visitors and/or edit or delete their comments if I feel their presence is harmful, illegal, or disruptive to the site or to the community of visitors at this site.​ I will occasionally run or host giveaways at this site. The details on each event will vary, but a purchase is never required. Please refer to each individual event for information on eligibility, prizes, entry deadlines and rules, winner selection and notification, etc. Any tools, advice, or products offered on this site are provided "as is" and "as available" as a courtesy to readers. I make no guarantee that something will work on your computer system and I am not responsible for troubleshooting or fixing any problem you encounter. 

Some content on this site is stored behind passwords for the exclusive use of special group members, such as the launch team. These passwords should not be shared with others and doing so is considered theft and will be prosecuted appropriately.

Any links on this site are provided for reference only. I am not responsible for their content (which may change at any time unknown to me, and is not under my control), and such inclusion does not imply my endorsement.

Any claims made in regard to this site will be governed by the laws of the United States and the state of South Dakota.


Last updated 08 August 2023


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