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This Pride & Prejudice sequel is a coming-of-age adventure/clean romance that includes some of literature’s most beloved Regency characters, along with a new cast of friends young and old. 



KITTY BENNET MUST MARRY WELL but she also means to marry for love. There is no hope for that at Longbourn. She must escape the shadow of her wild sister Lydia and re-establish her own reputation as a respectable young lady. A summer at Pemberley would do the trick. But to Kitty's surprise it takes more than a new location to learn who she is without Lydia and what she wants in life beyond handsome officers and fancy bonnets. Kitty's defiant passion for riding horses connects her with enigmatic Lady Drake and creates an unexpected bond with Mr. Darcy. A dashing geologist and an inscrutable horseman catch Kitty's eye. New friendships, the power of legends and stones, and a journey to the royal mews in Windsor bring heartache, insight, and delight to her life-changing summer at Pemberley.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS for "Her Summer at Pemberley"

“A refreshing look at an oft-ignored yet intriguing Kitty Bennet as she seeks her own happily-ever-after and discovers that she deserves it.” KATIE at AUSTENPROSE   

“I loved how fastidious Mr. Darcy could smile about and delight in Kitty’s adventurous spirit and unladylike interests! It was especially lovely to see such an affinity grow between these two since it very rarely is done.” MEREDITH at AUSTENESQUE REVIEWS    

“I literally had a smile on my face as the girls were anticipating an upcoming ball and talking suitor strategy. I felt like I was there with them in my own Regency gown, bantering — and later cantering.” SUSAN at SADDLE SEEKS HORSE​

“Here we have a story that builds on what Austen has written, allowing us to rediscover those characters, but there are new characters for us to love. Join Kitty as she figures out what makes her unique and what a real unity of the heart truly takes.” LAURIE at AUSTENTATIOUS LIBRARY

"Romance, drama, adventure, surprises, a mystery surrounding some dodgy folks, and … horses! A princess too. I enjoyed the story so much I forgot I wasn’t reading original Austen."RACHEL at DECIDEDLY EQUESTRIAN

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"The author breathed new life into Kitty and I really enjoyed that, including her relationship with Lizzy. My favorite parts were the letters. I loved reading this story." Jessica

"A very entertaining and engaging book. The author did an excellent job capturing original characters and creating new, complex characters with interesting plots. Thankfully, Kitty's growth is believable." SG

"This is a wonderful book — very well written and so very Jane. The author truly respects Austen's style     and characters. I have read it twice so far and plan on reading it again and again. Bravo!" Cathy

"I loved this story. It was well written and evoked the time and place really beautifully. A very satisfying tale—particularly for fans of Jane Austen, though it is also a wonderful stand-alone. I highly recommend!" LFB

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