"The author breathed new life into Kitty and I really enjoyed that, including her relationship with Lizzy.

  My favorite parts were the letters. I loved reading this story." Jessica

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A sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, being the story of Miss Kitty Bennet

KITTY BENNET MUST MARRY WELL but she also means to marry for love. There is no hope

for that at Longbourn. She must escape the shadow of her wild sister Lydia and re-establish her own reputation as a respectable young lady. A summer at Pemberley would do the trick. But to Kitty's surprise it takes more than a new location to learn who she is without Lydia and what she wants in life beyond handsome officers and fancy bonnets.

Kitty's defiant passion for riding horses connects her with enigmatic Lady Drake and creates a bond with Mr. Darcy. A dashing geologist and an inscrutable horseman catch her eye. New friendships,

the power of legends and stones, and a journey to the royal mews in Windsor bring heartache, insight, and delight to her life-changing summer at Pemberley.

This Pride and Prejudice sequel is a Regency coming-of-age adventure/clean romance that includes some of literature's most beloved characters, along with a new cast of friends, young and old.

Published 02 March 2020 by Grasslands Press

Paperback ISBN 978-1-7333844-0-7  Ebook ISBN 978-1-7333844-0-7

"It’s great to finally see what happens to Kitty. The development of her character throughout this book is fantastic!

  I can relate to her independence and horsewoman mentality. I'm excited for more books from this author!" Abigail

"I actually really enjoyed it. I always felt there was more to Kitty but she never got the chance to develop as a person. This was lovely and I'm glad she got the life she deserved.

I think even our dear Jane

would have liked it."


"I enjoyed the development of Kitty's character — her eagerness to learn from others balanced against her determination to be her own person. I liked the 'horses' connection that developed between Kitty and Darcy. I was intrigued to know which young man Kitty would plump for."


"Fans of Jane Austen will love this story. If Pride and Prejudice opens the front door into this world, Kitty's story lets you wander through the backyard and get more acquainted with Austen's secondary characters. Even readers unfamiliar with

Pride and Prejudice will enjoy the characters and plot of this book, but Austen fans will find it especially delightful."


"The description of the areas and the feelings of the characters makes you feel like you've been there and really know the people."  Barbara

"I really like this author’s writing style. The inclusion of horses added to the plot. All of the characters were true to Austen’s style."  Cheryl

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