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"Solved problems on my manuscript in the first few chapters. This book is easy to read and understand. Also, lots of interesting information about editing and publishing. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the process of writing a book." NA

"I found the section on different types of editing 

at different stages, and possible combinations of these-with the support

of beta readers-particularly useful. I wasn't previously aware of all the different types of editing, and the unique focus of each one." ER

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A savvy author needs a working knowledge of editing. With so many paths to publishing nowadays, this is more important than ever. 


Proper editing can enhance your author credibility and improve your chances for success

by raising the quality of your manuscript, submission packages, marketing materials,

social media posts, and websites. Many authors overlook these crucial advantages.

Even if you’re aiming for traditional publication, your project will benefit greatly from

professional and timely editing. 

In this book authors will learn:

• why to examine publishing choices from an editing perspective

• the types of editing and when each might be needed 

• how to prepare your work to get the most out of your editing budget

• which editing tasks you can do yourself

• how to choose an effective editor—and where to find one

• how to save money on editing expenses

Improve your progress on the publishing pathway by learning how quality editing can smooth the way for success, however you define it.


For information about self-publishing specifically, read the companion

volume to this book, About Self-Publishing, an essential guide for new authors by Allie Cresswell

"As someone at the stage of revising a manuscript, this was really helpful in terms of charting a path through the stages of the process. I found it very clear and accessible to read, and structured in a way that made perfect sense to me." FJ


"This book will be a great reference to help authors bring their creative vision to a workable reality." HB


"Very helpful as a reference manual for writers completing their next draft. In the midst of living with our characters, we sometimes forget the logistics." Fiction author

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