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SIMPLY Dressed


How we appear is our introduction to the world. Is your message the one you intended? Are you appearing as your genuine self, in your best form, ready to live your best life? 


To uncover our authentic selves, we must clear away the excess in our closets, our homes, and our lives.

But it isn’t just about decluttering. To achieve and maintain your goal of living simply, you need a plan. 


Simply Dressed focuses on the “getting dressed” part of a simple life and offers explicit strategies that apply to any gender, culture, age, or lifestyle. It is for those who want to look and feel like themselves. They want their wardrobe to be a tool that is easily managed so they can get on to whatever activities they value in their lives — with a clear closet and a clear head. 


Author Sallianne Hines uses her decades of training and expertise in design/problem-solving to help you declutter the excess and then build a unique and creative set of clothing that will express your authentic self. 


Simplify the daily act of getting dressed — so you can get on with the rest of your best life in comfort and with confidence.  



Clean eating is a big part of optimal health. You can ensure the quality of what you are actually eating by growing your own food.


The best way to grow it is organically. People have done so for centuries. By utilizing both ancient wisdom and modern science you can create a productive and attractive garden loaded with delicious food for less effort and cost than you might imagine — simply by letting nature do the work for you!


All it takes is some simple planning. With the strategies and techniques detailed in Simply Grown you’ll discover how to choose what to plant, where to plant each seed or seedling and with which other plants, and why. Learn how to: 

    •  Deter bugs

    •  Build healthy soil

    •  Extend your growing season

    •  Conserve water

    •  Banish weeds

    •  Make better use of garden space

    •  Increase yields

    •  Save time


When those seed catalogs start arriving, grab this book and plan your amazing Simply Grown garden.

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