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"This book helped remind "middle aged me" that it's possible to have dreams even as we get a little older. I enjoyed the book very much and found myself relating to the heroine many times." GA

"I liked the honesty of this book: that older people still harbor romantic hopes, are capable of passion but have the maturity to balance the cries of their hearts with the wisdom of experience." RJ

"This book will appeal to readers of literary romance, people who enjoy books about horses and countryside pursuits and lovers of the elegant and courtly in Jane Austen’s novels." CJ

"A delightful read! It’s somehow refreshing to read about people with life experience. I was getting seriously tired of the modern P&P variations where Lizzy is a 28 year old virgin. This book is not a variation but rather an original story featuring a heroine who is fan of Jane Austen." AW

If a lady—of any age—is to become a heroine, something surely must happen to send adventure and a hero her way …

CATHRYN McNEIL wants to believe in happily-ever-after, Jane Austen style. But a twice-divorced children’s therapist stuck in a small prairie town is an unlikely heroine. She’s resigned herself to seclusion with her animals and fictional heroes until she meets polo player Jack Stone at a funeral. They’re drawn together by their mutual love of horses and the land, but his hot and cold behavior—and a family secret involving another woman—cause her to question if he can be the hero she seeks. With her heart still buried in a graveyard of loss, it seems too late for adventure—or love. When fate offers a second chance, can she conquer the challenges of nature and human folly to get free of the past? Or has she misread too many novels?



A story of seasoned romance, horseback adventure, friendship, and family drama rolled into one life-changing journey.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS for "Love & Stones"

"Kudos to Sallianne for writing about a 'woman of a certain age' with such a refreshing story. I have never read

a book about a "normal" past-her-prime woman...much less a grandmother...and in a very small town, with all

that brings. There's plenty of drama, friendship, contemplation, horses, cowboys, a mystery, and of

Any story that starts out at a funeral is going to be interesting! You won't be able to put this down. Promise." 


"This is a thoughtful and compelling story of burgeoning romance between people who are past the first flush

of youth. I found it so refreshing to read a story that tackles this subject in a sensitive, realistic, but still romantic

style. The breathlessness of some of the romantic moments was infectious." ALLIE CRESSWELL, AUTHOR

“It’s been years since I've read a book that I’ve felt so personally attached to, and I had forgotten how good

it felt. The fact that this book is not a page-turner that kept me overly focused on the plot is a positive, because

the book became something more important to me—congenial reading that I just didn’t want to ever end.” 


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