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"This is a thoughtful and compelling story of burgeoning romance between people who're past

  the first flush of youth. I found it so refreshing to read a story that tackles this subject in a sensitive,

  realistic, but still romantic style." Allie

Signed/dedicated copies available, postage-paid in US.


A novel inspired by the works of Jane Austen

If a lady, of any age, is to become a heroine, something surely must happen to send adventure—and a hero—her way …

Cathryn McNeil wants to believe in happily-ever-after, Jane Austen style. But a twice-divorced children’s therapist whose heart is buried in a graveyard of loss

is an unlikely heroine. Stuck in a small prairie town, she’s resigned to her secluded life until she meets polo player Jack Stone at a funeral. They’re drawn together by their mutual love of horses and the land, but his hot and cold behavior—and a family secret involving another woman—cause her to question

if he can be the hero she seeks.

The powerful weather and sweeping vistas of the northern plains and the foothills set the mood. The cycles of nature reflect the cycles of life, loyalty, and friendship as Cathryn comes to terms with love and loss, and reinvents her own role in the circle of life.

A story of seasoned romance, horseback adventure, friendship, and family drama rolled into one
life-changing journey.


Published 18 October 2020 by Grasslands Press


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